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Understanding the need for wedding and pre wedding photography

Photography itself is an art and wedding photography is a talent, as you can easily see by visiting Kent wedding photographer Lovepear Capturing a photo in the right situation takes some knowledge and tricks along with a good camera. Wedding photography has become a trend these days since the introduction of the best cameras into the world market. The need for wedding photography is simply to capture those romantic, personal moments of the beginning of the best part of one’s life. A journey is captured well through dedicated Wedding Photography. The essence of Wedding photography lies in understanding the emotions, the people, the moments, the traditions and the events of the wedding. As it is said ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, marriages need to be captured well and put into beautiful frames. 

When someone plans to hire a wedding photographer, the first thing that flashes in their mind is the expensive price because most of them think that these photographers just work for a single day or two and quite a hefty price. To be a wedding photographer needs a lot of hard work along with gaining some good trust being responsible towards the job assigned. I had let a friend shoot pictures of my wedding and then realized how bad the idea was. The best moments of life need some expenditure and yes it is worth spending.

What does a wedding photographer do?

Initially, the wedding photographer whom you intend to hire will have a consultation with you either in person or over phone/email before the wedding. They will understand your wedding plans, address all your queries regarding photography and will show you their work samples i.e. their photo albums. They fix up an appointment to know the family members and understand how important each person is in the family for every event/ritual. They understand the stage, the seating, the dining area through a complete survey of the venue. Then they are there to the big date with all the necessary equipment to shoot the most memorable moments. After the wedding, they edit the images and give you a rough copy of all their clicks for you to choose the wanted ones for print. The next step is to design your wedding album combining all the photos captured into one beautiful book of memories. These days there is something called Candid Photography where one photographer is dedicated to click some exclusive photos of people here and there at the venue which indicate some of the best moments. A lot of surprises are captured in Candid Photography which is a tough art.

Good photography is more than just the camera and the lenses. It needs a lot of training and hours of experience to click what is exactly expected. The various people of different ages and tastes matter a lot in a wedding. You just can't concentrate on some and leave a few. Everybody is equally important and understanding it is a big task though.


Pre-wedding photo shoot

For those who have a planned marriage and have some time for their wedding date, they can plan for a pre-wedding photo shoot which is trending these days. Every couple would want to showcase themselves to the world much before their wedding dates. This has become a fantasy due to social media and video invites being the talk of the day. Gone are the days where people would visit every friend and relative with a wedding card and invite them with that. With improved internet connectivity and fantasies, people believe in video and photo invites being upload over their social media to reach many people. The best part of the Pre-wedding shoot is the romance it creates between the couple and it gives a feel of togetherness and better understanding among them. The photographers who shoot pre-wedding photos consider clicks for saving the date cards, wedding invites, announcements and guest books.

Also, those couples who prefer a simple wedding choose pre-wedding photography to capture some romantic moments as memories of their wedding. It is a compensation for big fat weddings if you don’t want to waste a huge amount of money just to get married and make people happier. For all those to whom only the presence of the two marrying people matters, the pre-wedding shoot is the best choose.

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